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This is a community for demisexuals and their partners and allies to discuss issues relating to demisexuality.

Demisexuality is a newly invented term for people who are exclusively sexually attracted to people with whom they share a romantic emotional connection. Demisexuality is similar to asexuality in that a demisexual does not ordinarily experience sexual attraction to anyone of any gender. However, once they have formed a deep emotional connection with another person, a demisexual may begin to feel sexual attraction - but only towards that specific person.

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Useful links:
The Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN)
Definition of demisexuality on the AVEN wiki
"Demi Pride" Facebook group

Community rules:

1. Be civil. No personal attacks, teasing, tormenting, or harassment. Treat people with respect. This includes respecting others' self-identification. For example, saying "I don't understand demisexuality" is fine; saying "Demisexuals don't exist" is not.

2. No bashing, harassing, flaming, or threats of any kind. This is not an anti-sexual or anti-asexual forum. Bashing, harassing, threatening, or flaming people, whether sexual or asexual or anything in between, is forbidden.

In general, expressing how you personally feel about something is fine; making sweeping generalizations about others' identities, orientations, or lifestyles is not. For example, "I find sex disgusting" is fine (depending on context), because that's your personal opinion. "All sex is disgusting" or "Anyone who wants sex is disgusting" are not.

If you want to express an opinion about people that could be seen as bashing, tread with extreme caution. "But, 'a woman's place is in the kitchen' is my opinion!" is not an excuse.

3. No discrimination on the basis of: sexual orientation, romantic orientation, ability (visible or invisible, mental or physical), relationship status, biological sex (male, female, intersex, etc.), gender identity, preferred pronouns, race, class, country of origin, not being a native English speaker, level of education, or anything else that I'm forgetting.

4. This community is not exclusively for demisexuals. It's open to anyone who's interested in discussing demisexuality, including sexuals, asexuals, and everything in between. Telling someone to leave the community on account of their sexual orientation is not allowed in any form.

5. No elitism. Elitism is defined as stating or implying that a given identity is better, more authentic, or in any other way superior to another. This includes discussions along the lines of "[Romantics/aromantics/people who have sex/virgins/non-libidoists/libidoists] can't really be [asexual/demisexual/etc]."

6. Do not cross-post someone's private post out of this community without the user's explicit permission.

7. Screening comments is not permitted in this community.

8. No spam or advertising for personal gain. Links to relevant (demisexuality- or asexuality-related) websites, communities, or personal blogs are permitted. For links to any other sort of website, ask the mods before posting.

9. No pornography. This applies mostly to visual pornography - drawn, taped, or photographed - but it can apply to written as well. Direct links to porn sites are not allowed. Artistic nudity will be judged on a case-by-case basis unless there's enough outcry against pictures of [subject matter] being seen. (But keep in mind that we aren't going to be sexist - if breasts aren't allowed, neither are bare male chests.)

The first violation of these rules will earn you a warning. After that, you will be banned.

Your mods are lirael1 and theslithytove. If you need a mod, please contact one of us, or visit the demi_mods community.